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Jamie Chen Siya27 Nov 2009 21:28
Rape is violence, not sex. The law must not create situations where one cannot seek justice.
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 21:04
Last time I checked, we were criticizing Afghanistan for this very problem. Come on, Singapore. We can do better.
Alicia Arivalagan27 Nov 2009 21:01
Although in most cases a husband would do his utmost to care for his wife and to protect her interests, not every woman has the priviledge of having a supportive family to turn to, or to know her rights. After reading the Straits Times article this week on wife abuse, perhaps it is time we took a firm stand against marital rape.
Ian Choo27 Nov 2009 20:55
Its time we called it like it is folks. Do away with this relic of anicient times already....
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 20:26
Marriage does not legalise rape just like parenting does not legalise neglect or child abuse.
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 20:19
A women should never be forced to have sex. It is not only an irreversible act of violation, but can also lead to serious mental trauma or psychological disturbances. There should not be a double standard to marital cases, if not domestic abuse would be considered acceptable.
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 19:45
Yang Yajun27 Nov 2009 19:43
Rape is rape, whether within a marriage or not. Marital rape is just as damaging as rape outside of a marriage, and legal penalties should apply accordingly.
yanling27 Nov 2009 19:42
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 19:35
Rape is detrimental to both the society and the victim. Please help stop it.
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 19:18
No is No. Rape is wrong regardless of the marital vows. Being married is not a "right" to abuse someone in any form.
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 15:32
Forced sex, married or not, is rape.
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 14:07
I do not want to see my friends suffer under their husbands and not be able to do anything about it. It is their right to be safe and happy. And I have the right to protect them.
Anonymous27 Nov 2009 14:03
rowena27 Nov 2009 09:24
Anonymous26 Nov 2009 23:15
Anonymous26 Nov 2009 18:37
oliver26 Nov 2009 16:41
sex within two persons should be of consent from both parties. any violence involved that is not agree on is against our very basic human rights. i think the law should protect women even after they are marry.
Anonymous26 Nov 2009 16:00
Grace26 Nov 2009 15:00