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Guo Yuan15 Aug 2009 01:13
Sex is not a valid primal need for men. It can be controlled easily. Rape is a complete excuse which hurts and destroys.
Phua Li Ping Juliana14 Aug 2009 22:22
Sheryl Leong14 Aug 2009 17:54
We are a modern society and thus gender equality should be strongly enforced. Marriage should not eradicates a person's right to choose whom they consummate with.
Lynn Yeo Mei-Wen14 Aug 2009 17:32
Anonymous14 Aug 2009 16:39
Anonymous14 Aug 2009 16:27
Bay Ming Ching14 Aug 2009 16:16
The wedding ring is not supposed to be the world's tiniest handcuff, rendering the one party to suffer at the hands of their spouses in silence. Action has to be taken to ensure there are laws protecting married individuals from the abuse of their spouses.
Dian Fang14 Aug 2009 16:04
Vera Oh14 Aug 2009 15:57
Anonymous14 Aug 2009 15:13
Anonymous14 Aug 2009 14:21
C Brassard14 Aug 2009 13:58
Zeena Moosa14 Aug 2009 13:56
Rape should not be condoned in any form - there is absolutely NOTHING that justifies it. A woman has the right to say NO to sex or any other form of sexual act at ANYTIME she wants to! If a husband is ALLOWED to rape his wife then what's to stops the same husband from inflicting other acts of violence on his wife? RAPE is as violent as it gets - both emotionally and physically. A woman has every right to say NO to her husband. Who has the right to judge that getting raped by a husband is less traumatic than getting raped by a stranger or someone else? The scars of rape are not something that can be weighed or measured based the perpetrator. A rapist IS A RAPIST – husband or not! It’s exactly the lack of laws and regulations in protecting women that gives rapists (and alike) the upper hand and the confidence to continue to treat women as second class citizens!
Anonymous14 Aug 2009 12:41
Goh Lek Oon14 Aug 2009 12:16
Anonymous14 Aug 2009 11:50
We in Singapore should not remain in the dark ages where the woman is subservient to her husband and accede to his every demand, including that for sex. Marital rape is all the more heinous because there is an additional emotional burden and stress placed on the woman.
Dinesh Naidu14 Aug 2009 11:36
Suren Wirasinha14 Aug 2009 10:54
Anonymous14 Aug 2009 09:53
Everyone has the right to say NO.
Seow Yiqi14 Aug 2009 07:15
The exception doesn't make sense in the context of modern Singaporean society.