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Tan Wen15 Aug 2009 17:01
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 16:44
Rachel Liu15 Aug 2009 15:21
As a Sec 3 student in RGS, I had to do a Performance Task (PT) on Advocacy for Social Studies. We had to persuade an organisation of our choice to assist us in solving a social cause in Singapore, with our means limited to those of a 16-year-old student. I had chosen Singapore's marital rape exemption as my cause; however it would not be feasible for me to attempt campaigning for changes to the present law, if experienced organisations such as AWARE were presently unsuccessful (although they did contribute to changes to the Penal Code in 2007). Hence, I was very gratified to discover the article in The Straits Times today (15 Aug 09) about your efforts in this area. Although this new-found knowledge will not be aiding my PT in any way, I would just like to express my support for your campaign. Thank you!
(P.S. Could I suggest, since this is endorsed by AWARE, that they put up a link to this site on their website? Despite researching on the subject for my PT, which included accessing AWARE's site, I never came across news of this campaign.)
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 13:14
I support this petition.
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 13:03
rape should never be allowed in any circumstances!
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 13:01
women should have their rights to protect their own body, instead of letting men rape them. Marriage is definitely not a consent form for rape!!!
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 12:33
Sexual intercourse by force, whether within a marriage or no, is always wrong. It is highly traumatic for the victim, even more so in marriage because of the relationship history that the victim has with his or her rapist. Marital rape is also a hallmark of abusive relationships, and in marriages where there is clear domestic violence. For these reasons, spousal rape should be criminalized.
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 12:04
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 11:28
No matter the maritial status, or the relationship of the victim with her rapist. As long as the victim, male or female, performs a sexual activity against his/her will, it should be considered rape. Marriage is not an excuse to allow physical, emotional and psychological harm towards its victims. We cannot allow a 'loophole' to exist in Section 375 and 376, which is meant for the protection of every SIngaporean.
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 11:21
The act itself without mutual consensus shd be considered rape.
Meera Nair15 Aug 2009 10:08
Mark Wai Ling15 Aug 2009 09:06
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 09:03
Yvonne Lim15 Aug 2009 08:08
How can a progressive country like ours have an ancient law like this? This is repulsive!
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 07:49
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 03:55
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 03:14
Annie Foong15 Aug 2009 02:23
I would appeal to for the offense to include the non-consensual penetration of any part of a woman.
Tracy Nagel15 Aug 2009 01:32
It's past time for us to join the international community. While I understand that it is hard to prosecute and prove that no consent was given for sex with your legally married spouse, it's incredibly demeaning to not even have that option.
Queenin Li MEiling15 Aug 2009 01:28
There is a need for a review towards the code as to give a more secure, loving and respected marriage life/marriage sex life.