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Anonymous15 Aug 2009 22:52
"To extinguish the free will is to strike the conscience with death, for both have but one and the same life.”
Tan Jun Da15 Aug 2009 22:43
Richard15 Aug 2009 22:32
Ada Yeo Ying Hua15 Aug 2009 22:26
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 22:16
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 22:10
Fouridine Ang15 Aug 2009 22:05
Please repeal this law and other archaic laws which make no sense and a violation of human rights in today's world.
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 21:50
Dear Prime Minister,

I do have a feel that women in our progressive society needs to have certain level of protection or barrier lines between the violence or non-violence act in mutual sexual conducts. Raping against the will of the femine party regardless of marriage engagement in doing certain acts might be of abusive act in ofensive to women's rights.

This is partly my another personal point of view. However mutual sexual conduct in marriage is norm to all.
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 21:49
Part and parcel of marriage is that both parties are expected to take care of each other. By letting an act like this go off Scott free and unpunished, the definition of marriage would change for something so beautiful to something just meaning "having the right to sexual penetration".

I hereby appeal for some authority to stop this degrading act for the sake of protecting those women and for the preservation of the rightful definition of marriage.
lek sze chieh15 Aug 2009 20:39
Mahinder Singh15 Aug 2009 19:48
I feel all women have divine nature in them, and i believe women are the true creators of mankind, because in them all of us are conceived. Any harm done to women is a sacrilege. NO TO RAPE.
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 19:44
Although I am 14 year old teenager, I believe teenagers can participate actively in any kind of petition or debate for it country and human rights. I believe that by changing this law, many women will benefit from this. I believe at this moment there are lots of women out there feeling helpless and do not know how to react if their husband rape them as there are no legal consequences. I hope that we can change the law for good.
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 19:38
May Lin Le Goff15 Aug 2009 18:52
Non consensual sex within a marriage is still rape and this should be against the law. No to rape!
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 18:25
Karen Chia15 Aug 2009 18:13
A woman has the right to protect herself, her body and her dignity.
Anonymous15 Aug 2009 18:07
I support this, but no less importantly I would also encourage the government to think carefully about supporting policy initiatives, eg. compulsory pre-marital counseling (at least one session where it is clearly laid out what marriage is and is not, to set out guidelines for people who may have grown up with very dysfunctional models of marriage) and expanding the funding for and range of family counseling services available, including and not limited to requiring compulsory individual and marriage counseling upon request of either spouse, with full privacy protection. Men who resort to spousal violence may have deeper psychological issues that may require serious and long-term help, and not only do they deserve compassion too, but helping them will also help their wives and children, and prevent the cycle of violence from perpetuating to the next generation.
vicki chng15 Aug 2009 17:43
rape is rape, no matter if it's your husband or a stranger.
Chiu Fong Yee15 Aug 2009 17:08
Leo Yunn Leei15 Aug 2009 17:02