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Tania Roy24 Aug 2009 11:15
Chua Beng Huat24 Aug 2009 10:51
Women have rights to their bodies under all conditions, without exception.
Anonymous24 Aug 2009 10:42
Rape in any form is deeply objectionable in any civilised society and should be punishable by law.
Anonymous24 Aug 2009 10:29
Rowena Tan24 Aug 2009 09:20
jenner24 Aug 2009 01:00
Wendy Chin24 Aug 2009 00:33
Tan Hui Yee23 Aug 2009 22:59
Seow Siok Mui23 Aug 2009 21:36
Anonymous23 Aug 2009 21:22
Anonymous23 Aug 2009 21:15
Wan23 Aug 2009 21:13
A man raping his own wife should be treated more seriouly than odinary rape crime. Please hangthose bastards.
Anonymous23 Aug 2009 20:07
Poon Mui Hon23 Aug 2009 17:26
Anonymous23 Aug 2009 16:37
Tee Ying Zi23 Aug 2009 14:55
Dear Mr Prime Minister,
I seriously hope you would re-consider the law of rape. What if the girl is 16,she may be married but not ready to consummate their marriage? Being forced to have sex or rather,rape by the husband,would leave a mental scar on the girl. What more,what if the parents disagree to her consummating her marriage by being rape? They cannot do anything about it and feels helpless. Which is worse? Parents watching their daughter being rape in her marriage yet they cannot do anything about it. Being rape by anyone leaves a mental scar on us,be it growing teenagers or adults. We have phobias,flashbacks and certainly DO NOT enjoy being rape. Please,I beg of you to re-consider this law. We have sisters,mothers,aunts and daughters. They are all females and we certainly place their safety in our top priority.
Christopher Ng23 Aug 2009 13:36
Tan Leng Sea Nancy23 Aug 2009 12:14
No to marital rape!
Alvin Chua Teck Wei23 Aug 2009 11:08
Under the English Common Law, there is a case law R v R (1991) on marital rape. Defendant living apart from his wife raped her in her parents’ home, which he had forcibly entered.
It was held that abolishing a husband's 250 year old immunity from criminal liability for raping his wife The long-standing rule that a wife was deemed to have given her consent irrevocably was no longer appropriate.
The trial judge mentioned that this is not the creation of a new offence, it is the removal of a common law fiction which has become anachronistic and offensive and we consider that it is our duty having reached that conclusion to act upon it and it was thought this was an example of the common law evolving in the light of changing social, economic and cultural developments.
Society had evolved, females had equal rights as men, we are no longer living in 250 years ago where non consummation of a marriage would lead to an annulment of marriage. Moreover, this had become a common law fiction that husbands use to exploit as a loophole in law to rape their wives and get away with it.
QiXin H23 Aug 2009 05:17
Please repeal Section 375(4) & Section 376A(5) of the Penal Code, & protect both genders from marital rape.