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Hema Gurnani (A.S.I Didi)14 Sep 2009 15:42
I work in a VWO dealing with children and youth, age ranging from 3.5 - 20 years.
I have been involved in social work for 12.5 years. During my work with children and youths I do interract with many parents, mostly women.
It is indeed very sad to note that there are many women who suffer sexual viloence / abuse in silence because men tend to think that it is their marital right to have sex with his lawful wife with or without consent.
Who is going to stop the abuse or protect the women of our country? I would think women deserve the right to choose, and be free of any sexual abuse.
Anonymous14 Sep 2009 15:37
Chun Meng14 Sep 2009 15:24
Elizabeth Nair14 Sep 2009 15:13
I support this NO TO RAPE petition.
Amy Daniel14 Sep 2009 15:12
It is time the rights of married women in abusive marriages are recognized.
Tan Boon Huat14 Sep 2009 14:42
Anonymous14 Sep 2009 14:34
Anonymous14 Sep 2009 14:10
Protect the girls for our future
Ong Kian Wee13 Sep 2009 13:06
I would also suggest that there be a need for gender neutrality in future laws, as well as reviews to current law.
Dilenjit Singh13 Sep 2009 09:49
Angela Xu13 Sep 2009 07:18
Ling Goh13 Sep 2009 00:50
Women deserve to be protected.
Anonymous12 Sep 2009 20:36
Jane Liew12 Sep 2009 20:35
David Blakely12 Sep 2009 15:57
As a marriage counsellor living in Singapore for the past 14 years, in my voluntary role as the President of the Singapore Association for Counselling, and as a father to two teenage daughters I believe it is important for us to give full legal protection by eliminating any and all immunities to the charge of marital rape. I'm confident that our justice system has the appropriate structures to prevent abuse of such a change.
Anonymous12 Sep 2009 13:41
Anonymous12 Sep 2009 12:25
Anonymous11 Sep 2009 17:42
Totally agree!
Christine Tan11 Sep 2009 17:35
Intimacy between 2 people is about vulnerability, love and mutual trust. When that trust is abused, and the vulnerability has become a fear, it is an act despicable of any man.

I strongly appeal, together with many other fellow female friends and concerned parties to let this be done.
Li Huifang11 Sep 2009 12:20
Men just take it for granted that they can "have" the wife whenever they feel like. It is NOT true!