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Lim Christine S T15 Sep 2009 15:51
Chong Fooi Man15 Sep 2009 15:09
Lavanyah Pillay15 Sep 2009 14:23
Please abolish marital rape immunity: ss 375(4) and 376A(5) of the Penal Code, Chapter 224. Rape committed by anyone is a violent sexual offence and married women deserve the same protection as unmarried women regardless of their relationship with the rapist. Such archaic laws cannot be subscribed to in modern times. Please say NO to Rape unconditionally!
Ng Kenny15 Sep 2009 14:05
Though im a man, but for this matter, im on the side of these female victims. Our fellow singaporeans being raped by their husbands, while our law cant protect them from harm, that doesnt help in maintaining singapore's 'a safe country' image.
Tay Lay Peng15 Sep 2009 14:01
A woman (regardlass of age) is still a human being with emotions and feelings. A married woman, under no circumstances, should be under unduly stress and personal & physical attack, especially from her family and loved ones. So I sincerely appeal to the Prime Minister to protect married women from this kind of mental, physical and emotional torture. Thank you.
doris Yap lay khoon15 Sep 2009 12:52
Marital sex is sacred and it is not violent or intrusive!
Josephine Chu15 Sep 2009 12:46
Daly Francis15 Sep 2009 12:34
Rape is a weapon. In the case of marital rape it will be difficult to prove if rape has occurred or not unless it is accompanied by other physical abuse.
Anonymous15 Sep 2009 12:28
It is wrong to force a woman to have sex.It must be consensual and legal always to be fair to both parties in a sexual encounter.
jowey goh15 Sep 2009 11:11
This is basic human rights.
Kwee Jian Ni15 Sep 2009 09:50
Fa\'Izah15 Sep 2009 09:41
Jacqueline Oehlers15 Sep 2009 09:17
Marital Rape is violence. No woman is subject to a man even if they are married. Sex has to be consensual.
Anonymous15 Sep 2009 09:11
I believe in the institution of marriage. Current exceptions for marital is not enough to protect the woman. As someone who was once a victim and had to endure this quietly, I am definitely for the abolition of total rape immunity.
Tracy Wee15 Sep 2009 07:56
Rape in any form or context is still rape. There should be no excuses for such acts.
Anonymous15 Sep 2009 02:45
Tay Huiling15 Sep 2009 00:46
Anonymous15 Sep 2009 00:34
We seek to protect children from child abuse by parents; why should wives not have the same consideration when trapped in such a nightmarish situation?
Anonymous15 Sep 2009 00:33
A dear friend of mine was a victim of such a situation by someone she trusted and wanted to share her life with. It may not have taken place in Singapore. But situations like this are the same no matter where you are. Every country despite it being industrialize, modern and wealthy has a dark side. I hope and pray that our country will be one of difference, one that will protect it's women, one that will change it's system and hear the cries of the victims of this unethical treatment. Let not those women who have suffered, go through it in vein. Hear their stories, her their voices, change your heart and the system.
Anonymous15 Sep 2009 00:29
When a husband abuses his position and becomes the perpetrator of violence towards his wife instead of protecting her from harm, he has violated the sanctity of marriage and should no longer deserve any special "rights" or immunity from lawful punishment.