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Anonymous26 Sep 2009 10:35
Zeng Rui Qing26 Sep 2009 10:18
Raping your wife is rape, the same as raping your girlfriend, best friend, daughter, niece, neighbour, neighbour's daughter or some random hot chick and so on. Being married doesn't make it ok for the husband to rape the wife. It is time for the law to reflect that.
Moh Zhiyan Jasmine26 Sep 2009 10:05
Being forced is rape. Nothing changes that fact whether you are legally married or not.
Anonymous26 Sep 2009 08:49
All forms of sexual abuse must be stopped NOW!! This is everyone's responsibility, especially you, the government, for you have the most power and voice... something that is taken from every victim of a sexual crime.
Anonymous26 Sep 2009 06:59
Women should be protected from such crimes. They are not the property of men!
Anonymous26 Sep 2009 06:34
Michelle Kho26 Sep 2009 04:05
Anonymous26 Sep 2009 02:03
Anonymous26 Sep 2009 01:22
Rape is Rape and forcing someone else to have sex against their will should be made illegal. Marriage does not equal RIGHTS granted for a man to own his wife as a sex slave.
Lorraine Addison Pua26 Sep 2009 00:46
Anonymous26 Sep 2009 00:03
Rape is rape, even if they are married.
Anonymous25 Sep 2009 20:57
Anonymous25 Sep 2009 20:53
Anonymous25 Sep 2009 19:21
Rape is a non-consensual violation of the body and must be punished in all circumstances. Whether this act of violence happens within or outside of the institution of marriage should not be an issue at all.
Anonymous25 Sep 2009 18:37
It is disheartening to know that a country like Singapore which values justice and equality has regressed on the path of the protection of this basic human right. A husband being violent to his wife is violence. Why is it that a husband raping his wife not rape then? Wisen up.
Anonymous25 Sep 2009 12:49
Lin Binbin25 Sep 2009 11:47
Say NO to rape!
Tan Sylvia25 Sep 2009 11:16
Jean Goh25 Sep 2009 11:02
I have heard of friends who have been through many bouts of non-consensual sex with their husband and it was not pleasant for them at all. I believe that this is not to be taken lightly because these victims have nowhere to go for help, especially since the ones harming them are the same ones who have vowed before God to protect them and treat them well. I've heard that sex keeps the love alive in marriage, but I don't think it even works if the man disregards the thoughts and feelings of his wife.
Anonymous25 Sep 2009 10:55
All non-consensual penetration of a woman’s vagina by a man, using his penis, will amount to rape. The same penalties will be available to a court upon conviction of a perpetrator of marital rape, as with any other kind of rape. This proposal is the “total abolition of marital rape immunity”.

I support this total abolition of marital rape immunity!