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Sim Chiew Yen08 Oct 2009 11:48
It is time for Singapore to recognise some serious marital problems happening in some household. Law cannot control the doings of humans but it can help to bring the wrong doings to justice. Marriage is all about love and commitment. If violence and maritial rape gets into the way, shouldn't the victim be protected? Does signing a marriage certificate volunteer oneself to suffer humiliation and violence in silence? Abolishing the marital rape immunity may be one of the ways for Singapore government to face up, acknowledge the ongoing cases while giving the suffering party a reason to turn to law for help. Please. Give a ray of hope and help the victims.
Anonymous08 Oct 2009 06:35
Anonymous07 Oct 2009 19:38
Rapists are more often than not people the victims' marital rape should logically be considered as rape under the law! It's time to remove this archaic belief that a husband owns the wife as property and can do whatever he wants to her.
Anonymous07 Oct 2009 09:10
Anonymous07 Oct 2009 07:34
No woman deserves to be raped, even if it is by a husband. If anyone is subjected to such ill-treatment within a marriage, the woman should take the kids and leave. Women deserve better and we ought for fight for it.
Anonymous07 Oct 2009 06:08
Anonymous06 Oct 2009 16:48
If your husband is raping you, then he isn't your husband anymore, he is a rapist and nothing else defines him at that moment. And its even worse because he's supposed to protect you from the big bad world.
Fiona MacKinnon06 Oct 2009 13:13
Jamie Koh05 Oct 2009 23:27
This law is absolutely sickening and lets deviant husbands use their wives as sex slaves.
Ninni Rebecka05 Oct 2009 22:41
Anonymous05 Oct 2009 17:12
Anonymous05 Oct 2009 12:20
I completely support this petition as every individual should be treated with respect and dignity. Marriage should never be treated as a premise for forceful sexual desire.
Anonymous04 Oct 2009 17:46
Lee Yixun04 Oct 2009 07:02
Ashok Narandran04 Oct 2009 02:01
Anonymous04 Oct 2009 00:11
Parliament, please draw yourself up to date with the relevant domestic legal systems of various developed countries, which hold that rape may occur within a marriage, and whose threshold to evidentiary proof is not as procedurally high as yours! It will only serve to deny protection to one of the most vulnerable sections of society. Victimised spouses may simply be unaware of any legal avenues they may explore in such situations, and especially in circumstances of long-term sexual abuse from a more domineering spouse, the victimised partner may be too afraid to seek judicial/police help in the first place. The rule of law not only sets down the scope of permitted actions in society; it also determines how society views certain issues. By withholding adequate protection to spouses who are raped in marriage (both female and male), we are actually cultivating a culture of silence and disapproval around these victims. Because of this culture, why would they be encouraged to seek judicial/police assistance at all?
Anonymous03 Oct 2009 16:28
Anonymous02 Oct 2009 22:12
Anonymous02 Oct 2009 15:09
It's wrong and should be abolished. Please spread the word and get your family and friends to sign too.
Anonymous02 Oct 2009 09:31