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Mas Atikah Ju30 Nov 2009 16:45
Cases of rape count even in a domestic household, it is a terrible form of domestic violence, and should not be dismissed just because the woman is married to the abuser.

Would you pardon a case if the woman was physically abused at home to the extent she has to be sent to the hospital?

Think about it and repeal.
sima salehi30 Nov 2009 16:44
Anonymous30 Nov 2009 16:19
Anonymous30 Nov 2009 16:19
Amrit30 Nov 2009 16:15
Personally, I think it's about time the law catches up with Women's Rights. The marriage institution should not allow violence to be permitted as rights and the law does not stop merely because of the legally binding contract the couple have. Abolishing such laws would allow the equality of both sexes. Patriarchal system in which our society has been entrenched in, in the past, can no longer work today. This laws projects the notion that our Justice system still allows the subjudication of women, and allows the males to impose their superior power in the relationship. The petition put forward highlights the main broad strokes of the injustice being done to human rights, the right to seek justice for such brutality being inflicted on the victim. We can no longer stifle the pain the abused one suffers merely because of the marital institution.
Zehara30 Nov 2009 16:05
Anonymous30 Nov 2009 15:52
Women, just like anyone else have individual rights. By marrying and being married should not mean that they have revoked their individual rights to say no to sex. Respect their right to say no. Please repeal of Section 375(4) and Section 376A(5).
Rosemee Haji Sidek30 Nov 2009 15:49
I was a victim myself.
Jo-ann Huang30 Nov 2009 15:25
Anonymous30 Nov 2009 15:00
Gina Daryanani30 Nov 2009 14:50
Kawal Pal Singh Khalsa30 Nov 2009 14:44
When a women gives birth, she is the first God to the child. Raping a married women is like raping God. Sat Nam (Truth in oneself)
Cecilia Jeyaram30 Nov 2009 14:38
Rachel Yang30 Nov 2009 14:38
Dilpreet Kaur30 Nov 2009 14:24
Rape has always been a power play tool used by either sex and to dismiss marital rape is just plain double standard. It is an abuse of the institution of marriage and ought to be sanctioned. The monitoring/prosecution/definition of such an act is difficult but gradual steps, such as legalising a law against it, can be undertaken to prevent such an act at least.
Anonymous30 Nov 2009 14:23
Gilbert Thomas30 Nov 2009 14:17
Rape is rape. I don't think there is any other developed country that has such a law that protects married men in this manner. Do we really want to stand out in this regard?
Anonymous30 Nov 2009 14:15
Connie Teo30 Nov 2009 14:05
basirah30 Nov 2009 13:49