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Devarajan Sivakumar23 Nov 2009 21:35
This should be stopped !!!!
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 21:34
Oaky Teo Yea Ting23 Nov 2009 21:32
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 21:30
Rape in a marriage is still possible. People dont always get or stay married with sexual obligations having to be a must.
Jasmine Pavalam Gunaratnam23 Nov 2009 21:29
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 21:25
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 21:24
Alain Beaumont23 Nov 2009 21:21
Beating or rape or any form of violence within a couple or any person of opposite sex must stop; this weird behavior unfortunately belongs to no specific social background and is much more wide spread than we think. Dare to say NO.
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 21:11
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 21:11
Violence is never an answer to anything and the weapon of the weakest... treat everyone the way you want to be treated like and do not forget that we are all the same...
Carolyn Ang23 Nov 2009 21:11
Marital rape can be dangerous as men would assume it is a right to have their wife subjected to ill-treatment. Although I agree it can be hard to prove non-consensual sex in marriage, there should be some form of legal legislation to protect violence, including sexual abuse, in marriages.
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 21:10
Chua Yong Sheng23 Nov 2009 21:02
Edmund Chong23 Nov 2009 21:02
I support the petition: overturn this archaic law.
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 21:01
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 20:57
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 20:41
I hope all this can put to an end not only in singapore but to the world. Prevention is always act as form of voice or warning. But things still goes on with all these precaution given. We need more than just individuals to put to a stop to it.
KiranKumar B C23 Nov 2009 20:31
I strongly support the petition. I'm against to Rape and rapiests.Probably making the rapiests impotent is the best punishment as per my personal opinion.
Ananya Ishwar23 Nov 2009 20:30
Even though Singapore may have one the lowest crime rates in the world, i firmly believe that some cases, such as martial rape is increasing in our society, and we must do our utmost to prevent such cases from happening, and appeal to all women who have suffered this kind of abuse, not to be quiet, but step up and be brave.
Anonymous23 Nov 2009 20:16