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Anonymous24 Nov 2009 09:54
Rape should never be tolerated. Sex should always be consensual between willing adults.
Anonymous24 Nov 2009 09:49
Melody Fong Yu Jun24 Nov 2009 09:47
I agree with the following letter to completely repeal Section 375(4) and Section 376A(5) of the Code and bring about the total abolition of marital rape immunity.
Anonymous24 Nov 2009 09:43
Novita24 Nov 2009 09:27
Loretta Marie Perera24 Nov 2009 09:25
Marriage is a union between two people - not a loophole for violence in possibly its worst form. Abolish marital rape.
Anonymous24 Nov 2009 09:21
Kelly Awyong SH24 Nov 2009 08:59
We have to take a firmer stand against domestic violence that happen too often behind closed doors.
Santosh J. Dubey24 Nov 2009 08:57
Rape is much more than just direct physical abuse, it has some critical mental consequences to women, or children or even men, as it is generally applicable. However, rape, as an assault, within the social construct of a marriage has been always overlooked in various societies. Plight of domestically abused women needs to be addressed as rape is still rape and a marital commitment does not absolve, license or acquit rape by the husband.

The act is, in unequivocal terms, deplorable and worthy of punishment, whether on equal terms under the law, or worse as the husband abuses moral and ethical trust. This appeal is important and should not be overlooked as it results in society advancing and be further protected.

I understand that certain acts of sexuality are illegal under various common law denominations, I hope that seriousness is reflected on rape in a matrimonial clout. Rape is still rape, and we have to protect people where necessary.


Tanneke Zeeuw24 Nov 2009 08:44
Raswinder Gill24 Nov 2009 08:42
Marital Rape is violence. It's rape. The very fact that it's not being considered so just goes to show how backward we are as a society. Come on Singapore, we can do so much better! Women deserve all their rights.
Alex24 Nov 2009 08:41
Vanessa Ho24 Nov 2009 07:24
Quah Ee Ling Sharon24 Nov 2009 07:09
A highly modernised and globalised society with such successful economic development and sound education system should be also be enlightened enough to remove all these archaic, inhumane legislations that fail to protect every member of the population.
Ms Robyn Henriksen B.A.(Soc.Sc.), B.A. Hons., Postgrad. Dip. Psych.24 Nov 2009 07:04
It is simply WRONG to have girls under 16 pressured into sex by anyone!!! It is harmful in so many ways!
Anonymous24 Nov 2009 04:25
Lim Hui Ling24 Nov 2009 03:02
It's not right!
Lim Hui Ling24 Nov 2009 03:02
It's not right!
Anonymous24 Nov 2009 02:57
Anonymous24 Nov 2009 02:44