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Anonymous13 Jul 2009 18:23
Anonymous13 Jul 2009 18:21
Anonymous13 Jul 2009 18:19
This is just as bad as emotional and physical abuse.
Shao Fen13 Jul 2009 18:10
Anonymous13 Jul 2009 18:05
Kwan Xiuwen13 Jul 2009 17:42
Ever since I found out about marital rape immunity, I have decided never to get married. Why should I? It effectively means that I have more rights as a girlfriend than as a wife. As a girlfriend, the law will prosecute my boyfriend if he rapes me. As a wife, the law cannot prosecute my husband if he rapes me. Of course, no woman would marry a man who would do such a thing, but people change - and people under the influence of alcohol or other substances change even more drastically.
Anonymous13 Jul 2009 17:34
I second that.
Anonymous13 Jul 2009 17:26
As long a woman/girl does not consent to sex, even if the person is her husband, it is already considered as rape.
Genevieve Brown13 Jul 2009 17:21
Grace13 Jul 2009 17:04
i truly feel that rape, whether its intentional or between a man and wife is beastly. although married people are in the eyes of law, untouched by section 375, this is not fair. sometimes married women suffer and are seen as mere sex tools by men. i believe that this is not right and Singapore should do well to lift the ban against married women. anyone who has had been sexually violated by someone be it their husband or a stranger, family member, should be able to receive protection from the Government.
Derek Price13 Jul 2009 16:42
Huspands shouldn't be able to hide behind the law if they rape their spouses. It would be appreciated if you could re-consider this position
Yrannath Ng13 Jul 2009 16:41
Anonymous13 Jul 2009 16:38
Anonymous13 Jul 2009 16:33
Samantha13 Jul 2009 16:30
So if the legal wife castrate the husband also no legal action? they are married what and the husband's dick belongs to the wife..
Christine Gn13 Jul 2009 16:26
Wendy Tong13 Jul 2009 16:21
Harkirat Kaur13 Jul 2009 16:16
Kris Teng13 Jul 2009 16:09
Any kind of sex without the consent of both party IS rape. Even if that man IS your husband!!
Daisy Lim13 Jul 2009 16:09
Rape is rape.