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Shubigi Rao19 Jul 2009 12:43
Anonymous19 Jul 2009 12:37
Anonymous19 Jul 2009 12:26
Yang Cuiling Michelle19 Jul 2009 12:24
Anonymous19 Jul 2009 12:21
Ling Ka Yi19 Jul 2009 12:17
Sivakumar M. Maniam19 Jul 2009 11:57
I am very surprised Singapore does not have such law to protect woman in such terrible domestic crime. Suggestions such as "we have to mindful of about intruding into relationship of man and wife. There is was also concern that manipulative wives could abuse the law to get back at their husbands.." is another shocking response. The primary concern is to protect woman from such crime, and if such incident happens of manipulating this law, then its the responsibility of the authority and the law to investigate each every case in detail. There will always be incident of manipulation, but the law must uphold and protective the whomever needs to be protected, and act on those manipulating the law. Thats theirs and the responsibility of the law and to uphold justice and protect the innocent, even if it is challenging and exhaustive. We are talking about a human being being treated in degrading act.
Jeanette Houmayune19 Jul 2009 11:50
Chong Swee Kiat19 Jul 2009 11:42
Any form of rape is violence! And rape is the worst form of violence that can happen to anyone. Imagine the bodily harm as well as the psychological effects. Married women are especially vulnerable when even the law does not protect them. Whio can they turn to? Who will believe them? Singapore has got to prove that it is a forward thinking country that protects its citizens - both men and women - through its actions!
Wendy Toh Ee Lin19 Jul 2009 11:36
When I was a social worker, I have encounted serveral such cases and I also have a friend who suffered such degrating acts which eroded the love in her marriage till she finally divorced him. I appreciate your effort to make a difference. I will support your petition on my blogs &
Jenny Limowa19 Jul 2009 11:33
Rev. Pat Bumgardner19 Jul 2009 11:24
Anonymous19 Jul 2009 10:55
Leong Seng Chen19 Jul 2009 10:29
As Singaporeans are generally well educated & well connected globally nowadays, Singapore should be more alert with quicker & wiser of awareness to tackle the "still water running deep problem". As a man I always trust & respect with my wife's consent for any sexual approach or attitude. IT MUST BE MUTUALLY RESPECT WITH RESPECT & CHOICE! Spirtually all living creatures are equal in basci nature on earth! Since your existing 3rd generational government with collectively teams' motto of governance, I argue you to effectively open up with your sincerity approach or men & women voices in Singapore society.
Anonymous19 Jul 2009 10:24
Chung Anna19 Jul 2009 10:24
Lim Jun Bin19 Jul 2009 09:52
Never use violence or accomplish things by force, it only creates more problems.
Fourier Ang19 Jul 2009 09:44
Singapore needs to advance more quickly in the area of human rights.
Why are we still holding on to such archaic laws?
Anna M Leong19 Jul 2009 09:41
Chia Kwok Ying19 Jul 2009 08:59