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Anonymous20 Jul 2009 08:20
I belive that violence of any form against a person irregardless of sex and age who cannot defend himself/herself properly is repulsive and the state has to try to protect them against the perpetrator.
Anonymous20 Jul 2009 08:14
cecily ko20 Jul 2009 06:56
Glen20 Jul 2009 03:30
Kumareswari20 Jul 2009 02:44
Rape of any form - regardless of whether victim is in wedlock or not - should not go unpunished and justice should be dealt to the perpetrator.
Anonymous20 Jul 2009 01:43
Anonymous20 Jul 2009 01:40
Anonymous20 Jul 2009 01:32
Thomas20 Jul 2009 01:31
Anonymous20 Jul 2009 01:25
反暴力, 保護女性
Shalini Lalwani20 Jul 2009 01:17
People need to be enlightened to really understand that rape is a crime of violence against a person's will - its not sex.

No victim of violence should be denied recourse just because the perpetrator is a husband, and the violence in question takes the form of a "rape".

Its tragic enough to be a victim of violence. But its doubly tragic that marital rape victims in Singapore are being let down by our legal system. They need and deserve better protection now.
Christopher Tan20 Jul 2009 01:01
Rape is Rape. It is a crime regardless of whether the Rapist knows the victim or has a pre-existing marital contract with the victim.
Fong Han Ying20 Jul 2009 00:55
As former NMP Siew Kum Hong mentioned before, under the current legislation, it seems like the critical issue for marital rape isn't consent, but whether the victim has taken certain legal steps such as obtaining an injunction or protection order against the perpetrator or started legal proceedings for divorce. This should not be the case at all, as all rape equates to violence.
Mohamad Faizal20 Jul 2009 00:09
Ricca Liu20 Jul 2009 00:00
This archaic law must be repealed. Fathers can be prosecuted for sexually abusing their children, but "except in limited circumstances", not for raping their wives. Women have always been discriminated against, even in their own homes. It is time to stop this.
Anonymous19 Jul 2009 23:36
bryan angelo lim19 Jul 2009 23:13
Nicholas Leow19 Jul 2009 22:57
Dominique19 Jul 2009 22:56
Marriage does not mean that a man owns his wife's body. Rape is rape no matter the relation of the raper and the person he is raping.
Anonymous19 Jul 2009 22:50