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J J Lin24 Jul 2009 22:56
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 22:44
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 22:38
I love Singapore but I am ashamed that marital rape is "legal" this is a shame and need to be corrected.
Wong Hee Foon24 Jul 2009 22:16
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 21:54
We have to say a definite no to abuse of any sort, and rape in marriage is one of the worst ones there is. Helpless people with noone to help them, not even the law. This has got to change.
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 20:33
Marital rape is a terrible subjugation of the rights of the victim, and is made worse by the fact that such domestic violence committed is essentially a betrayal of trust by the spouse. If rape is viewed as a horrible crime by most, marital rape should not be excused either. Thus I feel that marital rape should be percieved as a crime, not merely by the legal body but also by the general public.
Shyama Chatterjee24 Jul 2009 19:00
The law needs to reflect current social attitudes in order to stay relevant.
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 18:56
I agree that marital rape is absolutely criminal and disgusting.
Cheryl Anne Tan24 Jul 2009 18:50
Sarah Jones24 Jul 2009 17:58
I am a British Citizen, so recognise my signature may have a different status to that of Singaporeans. However I wanted to sign and register my disgust at Singapore's backward attitude to the horrendous acts of violence that can and do take place between married people.
Samantha Znetyniak24 Jul 2009 17:01
Rape is un-wanted sex. Whether or not it is from a husband if it is un-wanted it is rape. This needs to be changed we are not living in the dark ages anymore.
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 16:56
Dee24 Jul 2009 16:34
Bridgit ODonovan24 Jul 2009 16:31
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 16:26
I'm happy that you all came up with this. This will definitely help our Singapore society.
Gwen Ooi24 Jul 2009 16:02
Goh Min Li24 Jul 2009 15:52
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 15:35
Anonymous24 Jul 2009 15:26
I totally agree to this campaign as males tend to have the tendency that if they want something and they are legally married, they'll have it their way and I feel it should be consented so I'm against marital rape.
Karen Ng24 Jul 2009 15:21