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Getting a Personal Protection Order (PPO)

No To Rape calls for all instances of marital rape to be treated as “rape” under the Penal Code (or “sexual penetration of a minor”, where the victim is under 16). At the moment, this only happens if the victim has previously made applications for certain orders against their spouse. One of these is the Personal Protection Order (PPO).

AWARE have put together a helpful guide on PPOs which tells you where you can apply for them and what to do if they are not followed. Although you do not need a lawyer for a PPO, there is also advice on who you can contact if you do need legal help.

If you believe you (or anyone in your family) is at threat of violence from another family member (including your spouse), or a family member (including your spouse) has already committed violence against you (or another family member), it can be helpful to seek a PPO to deter further violence. You can access the AWARE guide by clicking here.

It is not always possible to tell in advance whether a spouse will commit violence, including sexual violence. Protection should be provided against all acts of abuse, foreseen or unforeseen. No To Rape believes the law should be changed so that no application for a PPO is necessary to treat marital rape as rape. With the law as it stands, however, the marital rape exemption is an additional reason why PPOs need to be made as easily accessible as possible, and we thank AWARE for making this useful information available.

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One Response to “Getting a Personal Protection Order (PPO)”

  1. Mac MAKY says:

    Marriage traditionally meant a licence for the man to active as such. The wife’s duty was to comply. That is the essence of sacred marriage. If someone wants to preserve the right to sue for rape, she should not marry. that is all there is to it.

    That is why marriage is special. It does not compete with other forms of relationships. Tolerance and obedience are qualities some pursue.

    You are free to understand that.

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