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Her World interview available online

Someone has kindly emailed us to let us know that the Her World feature on marital rape is now available online. Here is an excerpt:

Our marriage was on the rocks because I had just discovered that he had been cheating on me with different women for years. And his ongoing infidelity was slowly ripping us apart with frequent quarrels and scuffles.

One night, he started touching my body, as he always did when he wanted sex.

But sex was the last thing on earth I wanted at the time – I wasn’t even sure exactly how many women he had been with. So I pushed him away. He tried again. And I pushed him away again.

That was when he became frustrated. He climbed on top of me and pressed me down roughly. I struggled but he was stronger than me. He kissed me all over and started to force himself on me.

I was helpless.

When he was done, he simply rolled over to his side of the bed and went to sleep, leaving me feeling traumatised.

Do read the whole thing.

We also recommend getting a hard copy as the feature contains additional information, for example about international approaches to marital rape. It’s appropriate to reward Her World for their coverage of this important issues by buying their magazine.

p.s. Please consider leaving some supportive comments at the site, to encourage the brave woman who shared her story!

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