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Campaign Action: Set Up a Sign-Up Point

(Campaign Actions are suggestions we make every fortnight for steps you can take – in addition to spreading the No To Rape message online – to help the effort for change. Previous Campaign Actions: [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6] and [7].)

This fortnight’s Campaign Action is:

Set Up a Sign-Up Point. Do you ever hang out somewhere with wireless access? Do you use a laptop at your school or for work? Can you arrange for Internet access at your place of worship?

Put up a desk with a sign, set your browser to the Petition page, and start collecting signatures!

You can use the leaflets in the Promote section and the FAQ to help you respond to concerns.

We often have queries about the IC number field. This is collected to improve the credibility of the petition by confirming that signatures come from unique individuals. You can reassure people that access to this information is highly restricted and we don’t sell or use it in any other way.

Imagine if you can get just five people to sign the petition, and they all tell five friends, who tell five more… we’ll be on our way to the target of 10,000 signatures in no time.

We’re into the final stretch now. Thank you for standing with us so far – we need your help for some final pushes to get us over the line.

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