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Words of support from Father Erbin Fernandez

No To Rape is grateful to Father Erbin Fernandez of the Church of St Vincent de Paul for sharing with us his thoughts on, and words of support for, our campaign:

I applaud your efforts in addressing this issue. You have my prayers and support. The Church has always upheld human dignity because it understand that such a dignity flows from the fact that each person regardless of religious affiliation has a heart that yearns for a true happiness and love. That yearning is of a transcendent origin and the human heart will not rest till it finds it….

May your endeavors protect the human heart from violence and help it to take a correct position before reality that is full of hope. We pray for both the victim as well as the perpetrators of such acts of violence. I believe the latter is also a sick person in need of help, I believe many of them to be sex addicts who have turned violent in their need to quell the storm within them…

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