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Change in the Bahamas

Not only among our neighbours (and many in Asia), but also in the distant nation of The Bahamas, marital rape is being taken seriously:

The government presented legislation to Parliament that would completely ban marital rape in The Bahamas.

Presently, marital rape is only recognized in The Bahamas if the couple is separated or is in the progress of getting a divorce.

This has similarities to the position in Singapore, where marital rape is only treated as rape in limited circumstances.

This interesting article details the reactions of a number of Christian ministers in The Bahamas. They state that the ethical teachings of their faith condemn marital rape, and acknowledge that state law must hold perpetrators of violence accountable.

Bishop Williams said marriage ordained by God involves caring, sharing and love for one’s spouse. Therefore, a man living by the Word of God is not going to willfully violate his own wife. He advises that if there are any problems (especially those sexual in nature) in the marriage, a husband who loves his wife as God says he should, will be more understanding about the matter and be able to deal with it by showing love and not violently or by force.

“If by force, then where is the love of God in his heart?”

Grand Bahama Christian Council President Bishop Sobig Kemp believes the amendment of the marital rape law does not go against the word of God because love is the fulfilment of God’s word.

“Love never forces itself on a person, that is not God’s way,” Bishop Kemp said. “Therefore it is never demonstrated with violence or abuse. This problem arises because of self or personal gratification in a relationship without any concern or interest for the other person. This is totally contrary to God’s Word.”

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2 Responses to “Change in the Bahamas”

  1. N says:

    At least religious authorities slowly understood something. That a woman’s body is not a property of a husband, sex is not only “obligation” and automatic, mechanic “duty”, but a joyful experience, which unites them and not enslaves them, union is not domination, but loving attachment to each other, man is not a so-called “head”, but both are EQUAL and both have the same roles. The Church has been teaching quite the opposite. It’s time to change some attitudes.

  2. N says:

    P.S. Of course morality and healthy attitude towards sexuality is very important, different from what we hear everyday in our sexually degraded society, but some archaic, rigid beliefs aren’t relevant either, woman and man are equal, they have the same rights, they belong to each other, but this belonging is not “wham bam thank you mam” stuff.

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