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Campaign Action: write to the press

Remember our Campaign Actions? Every fortnight, we post a new suggestion for something you can do to be even more effective at promoting the No To Rape message. Two weeks ago we asked you to write to your MP.

The current No To Rape Campaign Action is:

Write to the press. We suggest writing to any publication you read regularly, whether it’s a newspaper like The Straits Times, Today, Lianhe Zaobao, Berita Harian, Tamil Murasu, or The Business Times; or a magazine; or a newsletter for your school or workplace or club or association.

Tell them that you think marital immunity for rape should be abolished, and why.

Your letter will have more impact if you use your own words. Feel free to use the FAQ the Resources in the Promote section for information or ideas.

If you’re not sure what to say, here are a few possibilities:

- At the moment, except in limited circumstances, a man who forces sex upon his wife cannot be charged for rape. This is wrong and should change because rape is violence, and spousal violence is not acceptable.

- In August is the 10th anniversary of the hearing for PP v N, a case where a man tied his wife up, gagged her and forced intercourse upon her. He could not be charged for rape. A decade later, even with changes to the law in 2007, the result would be the same.

- Marital rape happens. Signatories on the No To Rape petition have spoken of their personal experiences as victims, or their work with victims.

- Are you of a particular faith? Mention that marital immunity for rape is not supported by your religious values.

- Marital immunity does not apply to non-consensual anal or oral sex, so the police and the law are prepared to investigate non-consent in the context of marriage. They should do so in relation to all forms of sexual violence.

Please send us your letters too, and let us know if you have responses. The more we share, the more effective we’ll be.

Thank you for promoting humane standards of treatment for women in Singapore.

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