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People Against Violence, Not Women Against Men

No To Rape does not pit women against men. It is a petition created for and supported by many different people, against violence against any person. It has united women and men, people of a range of racial and religious backgrounds, married and unmarried, young and old – a variety of individuals from all walks of life.

Everyone hopes to trust their spouse when they enter into marriage. The only question here is what the criminal law should do when that trust has been greviously breached through the destructive and violent actions of one party – ignore the wrong, or provide redress? Even if the legal ties of marriage remain, the underlying relationship of respect and love has been severely damaged by sexual violence. The family bonds have, effectively, been repudiated by the rapist through the act of rape.

As an early comment on our blog makes clear, marital rape has a negative impact not only on the women who experience it and spousal relationships, but also sometimes on any children who are affected by their mother’s suffering:

I used to counsel other students of my age who came from dysfunctional families. In some of these cases, they spoke to me about their mother’s agony, sometimes arising out of rape and other forced physical conduct that often accompanies rape.

No To Rape supports laws that criminalise all kinds of non-consensual sexual penetration equally, regardless of the gender of the victim or that of the perpetrator (as is the case with Section 376 of the Penal Code, which contains no marital exemption – see FAQ). It is marital immunity for rape which creates an inequality, since it specifically denies the full protection of the law in cases of penile-vaginal rape committed by men against women in the context of marriage, and only those cases. By seeking to change that, we are calling for protection of all people against non-consensual penetration of any kind.

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  2. L Morrison says:

    Punish the perpetrators of violence, no more punishment for victims who are brave enough to speak the truth.

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