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Tool up for change

The Petition is the core of this campaign, but we seek to equip everyone with additional tools to take a stand against sexual violence within marriage. Don’t forget to sign up to our mailer (you can do so here) to receive regular updates on other actions you can take to end marital immunity for rape.

For now, thank you for spreading the word – we’ve seen many of you hard at work on emails, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, and it’s making a huge difference.

Besides online sharing, you can take offline action too. The Promote section of our website contains all kinds of tools to help you spread the word – including ready-made leaflets in poster and flyer sizes, and an Activist Toolkit containing suggestions and resources for creating change.

We’ve also updated the Promote section to include news articles on marital immunity for rape, correspondence with MPs and the civil service on the subject, and links to blogs who’ve been kind enough to share the No To Rape message – some of them have added really powerful thoughts of their own. Do check it out.

p.s. Don’t forget that the Petition comes in Bahasa Melayu and Chinese translations so you can share the word with those who aren’t as comfortable with English! We are working on a Tamil translation too and will let you know when that’s ready.

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2 Responses to “Tool up for change”

  1. alper says:

    rape by husband?why a man want to rape his wife?unless she dont want it or she got secondparty in her life or maybe mental problems.this page i dont think necessary those who found this wep page i dont think they fell in love to their husbands at the first place.DO NOT MARRY A MAN WHO YOU DONT WANT TO SLEEP WITH,DO NOT SPOIL HIS LIFE.i have many more to say but this is not the place…….. i m not a rape sporter but i also dont belive in this is more like advertiseing wep page by whom want to become famous.

  2. admin says:

    Dear Alper

    Rape is a violent act of domination against someone else. No behaviour on the part of any person can justify someone else raping them. You suggest that men might rape their wives if sexual intimacy between the couple has broken down, or if the woman is cheating on her husband, or if the wife begins to experience poor mental health. But none of these circumstances justifies or excuses rape. There are many other ways men can respond to these situations if they feel unable to cope, including seeking professional counselling. In every case, a man only becomes a rapist if he makes the choice to rape.

    If anyone finds that they cannot reconcile themselves to the state of their marriage, then their recourse should be in marriage counselling or divorce. Not rape.

    The campaign team seeks only to address the very problem of sexual violence within marriage, to which counsellors and victims alike can attest. Do read what victims themselves have to say, including in this interview with my paper. Marital rape is a real problem that needs a real solution, not the half-hearted status quo of the law.

    Best regards

    No To Rape team

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