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Real lives, real crimes – real change

Thank you for the 360 signatures to date. Every single one of them is a step towards ending marital immunity for rape in Singapore. At the moment our signatories include notable figures like Ng Yi-Sheng, Adrianna Tan, Kenneth Jeyaretnam and Seelan Palay, as well as religious leaders such as Father Paul Staes from the Catholic Church and the Reverend Dr Yap Kim Hao. We hope to see even more in the coming days.

It’s hard for most people who have experienced rape to talk about it at all, but in the case of marital rape the betrayal of trust involved, and the position of interdependence or dependence between the spouses, can sometimes make it even harder. The failure of the law to recognise this as criminal violence may add a further layer of difficulty.

Knowing this, we are moved to see messages on our petition testifying to experiences of marital rape. To those who speak up about their own experiences of marital rape, and those who work with the victims of marital rape, thank you for your courage and generosity in sharing your stories. Your words make it even clearer that this is an issue which impacts upon real lives, which are hurt by real crimes – and that we need to make real change.

In the words of one signatory:

I am recently divorced from a violent marriage. I was unaware that sex would account to rape if the husband insists on sex but the wife does not consent. I hope this petition will educate and protect wives from being raped by their husbands.

Another says:

Marital rape is commonly carried out in cases of domestic violence. As a psychologist, many clients have told me of the horror of being raped by their husband

A third message reads:

I know at least 5 married women in Singapore who has been raped by their husbands before.This is completely despicable. I’ll be ashamed to be a Singaporean if nothing results from this petition. Really.

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4 Responses to “Real lives, real crimes – real change”

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  3. Greg says:

    Wow I didn’t realise Singapore was still so primitive like Afghanistan!

  4. admin says:

    Dear Greg

    Thank you for your comment. It is indeed surprising to many people to learn that Singapore continues to have marital immunity for rape, and we certainly share that sentiment. However, we ask that you please refrain from describing other communities or countries as “primitive”. Marital immunity for rape is certainly a very regressive feature of the law, and we think all countries would be better off without it, but applying language like “primitive” to an entire society can be disrespectful and offensive.

    Best regards,

    No To Rape team

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