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The No To Rape campaign advocates one simple idea: sexual violence by any person, against any person, is criminal violence. Consequently, non-consensual sexual penetration, regardless of whether the victim and perpetrator are married to each other, should be treated as rape.

The online petition is coordinated by a team of concerned Singaporeans who have come together for the single purpose of promoting change on this issue. The team is not a formal organisation and its members have no shared agenda beyond addressing sexual violence.

Groups and individuals listed as endorsing the campaign should only be understood as supporting the total abolition of marital rape immunity. They are not responsible for the content of this website. Any errors and opinions belong to the No To Rape team alone.

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Thank you

The No To Rape campaign is a volunteer project which could not have come to fruition without the generous effort of many individuals who have given freely of their time and energy. Our special heartfelt thanks for the kindness of those who have contributed research, experience, contacts, time and vital skills including design, translation, copywriting and web expertise, including but not limited to Azhagiya Pandiyan, Bhante Dhammika, Samantha Bong, Chan Wing Cheong, Michelle Chen, Alfred Choi, Ben Harrison, Peter Ho, Joel Kang, Linzi Kik, Koh Wei Jie, Natasha Latiff, Mathia Lee, Corinna Lim, Jaclyn Lim, Joanne RM Lim, Hakan Ng, Pei Ling, Indulekshmi Rajeswari, Nurhidayah Shamsul Tajri, Siew Kum Hong, Jolene Tan, Joshua Tan, Mark Wong, Wong Pei Chi and Alexander Yap.

We are also very grateful to everyone who has helped spread the word in any way – you are crucial to the success of this campaign.


Contact us

You can email us at NoToRape@gmail.com.



Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, the No To Rape team cannot and does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any use of the material found here. The opinions found on this website, including but not limited to any legal opinions, are presented for the purposes of discussion only and are not to be relied on by you.

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The views of all commentors are solely the views of the individuals who have posted the comments. They do not necessarily reflect those of the owners, webmasters, editors, writers and friends of NoToRape.com.

Each page on this website must be read in conjunction with this disclaimer and any other disclaimer that forms part of the page or website.

Should copyright owners of the material contained herein wish for their work to be removed from this website please contact the webmaster in the first instance and we will cooperate with your request.

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