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Other ways you can actively call for the repeal of marital rape immunity.

[1] Write, [2] Meet, [3] Spread, [4] Link, [5] Feedback, [6] Volunteer.


Write to your Member of Parliament

Click to the Parliament website, where you can find your MP and obtain their contact details by entering your street name. You can contact them through email or snail mail. We have produced a  model letter – feel free to use this letter as it is or as a source of ideas. Your letter will probably have more impact if you use your own words.


Meet your Member of Parliament

Enter your street name into the Parliament website to find your MP and get details of their Meet the People Session. Tell your MP that you want marital rape criminalised in all circumstances. You can use our A4 Poster to help you make your points to them. Remember, your MP works for you. If they don’t respond to your concerns, you have the right to an explanation.


Spread the word

Spread the word. Write to the newspapers. Write on your blog. Write on your mailing lists. Forward our URL to your friends and family via email. Print copies of the A4 Poster and pin them up on billboards at your school, your workplace, your place of worship, your void deck, your community centre, your sports club and elsewhere. Keep A6 Flyers on you so you can refer to and give them away in your conversations.

You can find even more suggestions for action in our Activist Toolkit.


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Let us know what you’ve managed to do, whether you have faced any problems we can help with, and what responses you’ve received — particularly from your MP. The more we share about the situation, the more we can all learn from one another’s experiences, and the closer we’ll get to achieving our goal!


Volunteer with us

If you wish to go beyond the options above, volunteer with us in other aspects of our campaign. Complete our Volunteer Form and return it to We will get in touch as soon as we have work available.


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