No To Rape
In Singapore, raping your wife is not treated as rape.

But it should be.

Rape is rape is rape. An extreme form of violence and violation. Rape of a woman by her husband should be treated just like any other kind of rape. Abolish marital rape immunity. There can be no exceptions. [MORE]

How You Can Help
To end marital rape immunity in Singapore, we need your help. Begin by adding your name to our petition to the Prime Minister, urging for a complete repeal of the two instances of marital rape immunity in the Penal Code. Then, help us raise awareness about this important issue by spreading the word.

Your signature will help protect women against violence. The petition for the repeal of marital rape immunity will be submitted to the Prime Minister's Office after closing on 30 Nov 2009. If you are a Singaporean or Permanent Resident, your signature counts.




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